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PATRICK HAZELL Technical Requirements for solo performance:

a) Tuned acoustic piano --preferably a Yamaha model P-22 studio upright, or equivalent--or better. An electronic keyboard of any kind will not be acceptable.  The piano must be in standard "orchestra pitch", i.e. tuned to A=440 cps. This is the standard tuning almost always used by piano tuners when tuning a piano.

b) PA system --depending on the size of the venue. It is not required for small venues (i.e. school assembly halls, classrooms, or a coffehouse-type setting). Patrick Hazell provides his own amplifier for the harmonica unless the venue is outside his normal driving range, i.e. requiring transportation other than car or truck (overseas, outside the midwest USA, etc.)

c) Lighting and staging suitable to the venue. Patrick Hazell carries none of this equipment with him.

d) Set-up time if the piano and PA are already in place generally takes no more than 15-30 minutes. Tear-down afterwards is the same. If possible it is best to be able to set up the equipment one or two hours before the show so as to allow time for putting on stage clothes, etc. However, if timing is critical, the set up can occur quickly immediately before the performance---ideal for venues in which several artists are on the bill, such as music festivals.