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Click here For an typical Schedule Outline for Patrick Hazell's Music in Schools ProgramsAs an educator PATRICK HAZELL plays his music and deals with such topics as songwriting, improvisation, and the elements of jazz and blues music. He gives presentations, assemblies, and workshops for all ages from kindergarten students through college and beyond with special considerations and presentations for each age group.

(left) Patrick Hazell in the school cafeteria with students after one of his school programs in the Riverdale Heights Elementary School, Bettendorf, Iowa, March 8, 2006.

The presentation of his large collection of various models of harmonicas is a show-stopper especially for the young audiences as he performs on each one and demonstrates their unique sounds. For the more advanced students his performances are often mixed with demonstrations of aspects of jazz and blues theory and history as well as song-writing techniques. All this sprinkled with countless "road" stories from a 45-year professional career in music.

From 1987-1995, Hazell was an instructor in a special music class at Washington (Iowa) High School . Entitled 'AdvancedInstrumental Music,' the class was spotlighted by Iowa PublicTelevision (Living in Iowa, December 25, 1992) for its innovative approach to music education, allowing the students to create, perform, and record their own music. One of his students wrote a Christmas song that was given airplaythrough eastern Iowa and western Illinois. Eventually it was released on Westwood International Records out of Nashville, Tennesee and subsequently gained national distribution and airplay.

PATRICK HAZELL is affiliated with Arts Midwest, the Iowa Arts Council, and is listed in the Council's Arts In Education roster. Funding is available through these programs to finance his appearance in community festivals, concerts, workshops, and educational events.


(left) Riverdale Heights Elementary School, Bettendorf, Iowa, March 8, 2006.


Review of blues in school program Quad Cities Schools Nov.29-Dec.4, 1999                                       

Area Blues muscian Pat Hazell, Washington, Iowa, performs and explains the blues to a class of Visual and Performing Arts fourth and fifth grade students Thursday Dec. 4, 1997 at Sunnyside Elementary School in Burlington, Iowa. "Blues is like checkers and Jazz is like chess," Hazell said trying to explain the difference between jazz and blues. The "Blues in the Schools" program is sponsored by Burlington's Great River Blues Society.(AP Photo/The HAwk Eye, John Gaines 

                                                                                                              Patrick Hazell with students at Saint Peter's School, Quincy, Illinois, February 29, 2000





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